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Palm Trees

Palms are the universal symbol of the tropics. Palms are very important agricultural commodities in the tropics and are second only to the grasses or grains in economic importance. As landscape plants, palms are prized for their unique architecture , intricate texture and form of their leaves and stems. Their beauty, durability, and variety rank them among the most highly valued of all landscape plants in subtropical and tropical regions.

Palms are great for landscaping

Palms are not typical trees. Instead of branching out, they grow huge leaves from a giant bud at their apex. The palm grows taller as these buds keep producing new leaves, the lowest leaves die and fall. Next to the grasses, the palm family is most important in its usefulness to humans. In some tropical countries the entire economy is based on palms, with the trees supplying food, shelter and clothing. Worldwide palms are an important source of food, vegetable oil and sugar. They also provide timber, fiber, rattan cane, carnauba wax and button ivory. We use them for everything from fuel and shampoo to the coconut seasoning of cakes and curries. Palms are planted as ornamentals for indoor and outdoor use to provide a tropical atmosphere.


Palms are the cleanest

Palms have an elegant crown and a clean trunk and they don’t shed leaves frequently. They provide a distinct look to the landscape due to their hardy nature and shiny leaves.

AND Palms also don't attract insects

We at Sai Farm have developed a collection of Palms that are Good for landscaping ,hotels , resorts , residential complexes , farm houses , gardens , roadsides , beachside , bungalows etc. And those that have commercial value.

Palms are Low-in Maintenance & Add Value to your property

Make a statement and beautify your landscape with our Exotic palms

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