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Bismarckia nobilis "SILVER PALM"

Common name(s): Bismarck Palm , silver palm
Maximum Height: 40 to 70 feet
Spread: 10 to 15 feet
Growth rate: moderate
Light requirement: full sun
Drought tolerance: high
salt tolerance: moderate
Pest resistance: free of serious pests


Bismarckia nobilis is a stunning, large silver blue fan palm that has become increasingly more popular in the past ten to twenty years. It is native to Madagascar, where it tolerates fairly dry and hot climates. It is great for both commercial and domestic gardens.  Like many larger palms, it looks its best when given plenty of room for both growth and viewing. Several of these palms placed together in a commercial or large residential setting can contrast dramatically with existing vegetation, providing a wonderful relief from the greens so common in most landscapes. A row of Bismarck Palms spaced 15 feet apart along each side of an entry road or wide walkway can create a dramatic impact. Even if you do not collect palms, this one should be considered when planning.




Height 7.00 feet [ approx ]

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