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Common name(s):  Wax palm , brazalian fan palm , carnauba palm
Type: moderatly draught & salt tolerant outdoor palm
Water requirement: regular
Fruit: yes
Maximum height: grows slowly upto 30 feet


The carnauba wax palm, Copernicia prunifera, may be one of the most economically important as well as aesthetically pleasing palms around. It gets its name from the valuable heat resistant wax, which is harvested from the leaves. The carnauba wax palm grows upto 30 ft tall with a single gray trunk which is usually smooth on the top 1/3, while the lower 2/3 is marked with persistent leaf bases in a pleasing spiraling pattern. The crown is composed of about 24 fan shaped blue to green waxy leaves.

This striking fan palm is adaptable to many different conditions. Originating in savannas, it is able to withstand droughts as well as occasional flooding. It is also not picky about soil. Cultivated for commercial wax production in Brazil, the carnauba wax palm is also a highly prized, landscape specimen with few diseases or insect problems. With its ornamental blue/green fan shaped leaves and unique persistent lower leaf bases, this palm is ideal for the tropical home or commercial landscape. The wax is used in numerous products such as car waxes and floor polishes and even to protect the coatings on candies.




Height 6.00 feet [ approx ]

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