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Neodypsis decaryi "TRIANGLE PALM "

Common name(s): Triangle Palm
Type: Outdoor , Easy Growing
Maximum height : upto 50 feet with 7 feet spread
Growth habit : very quick growing
Blooms: all year round
Water requirement : moderate
Light requirement : full sun
Propogation : very fast by seeds within a month


NeoDypsis decaryi is a palm tree commonly known as the Triangle palm native to the Madagascan rainforest. . The leaves are about 2.5 metres in length, arching almost upright from the trunk and then arching gracefully about a metre from their tip. The leaf bases grow on three distinct sides of the plant, forming a triangle, which gives the palm its common name. Yellow and green flowers branch out from the lower leaves, which later produce round black inedible fruit about 25 mm in diameter. It blooms all year, thus making it especially colorful.

The palm is a great ornamental plant and should be grown out in the open to show its unique shape. The fruits of the tree are known for their high nutritional value. It is a fast grower once established and its seed normally germinates within a month of being planted.

This very striking spectacular palm makes an excellent specimen plant, and should be grown in the open without anything to obscure its unusual shape.




Height 6.00 feet [ approx ]

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