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Hyophorbe lagenicaulis "Champagne Palm"

Common name(s): champagne palm , palmistc garrgoulette
Water requirement: Regular
Type: salt tolerant , loves heat
Growth habit: slow growing
Maximum height: 12 feet


Hyophorbe lagenicaulis - Champagne Palm is a tropical palm suitable for a smaller landscape or as a large interior potted plant. The Bottle Palm's grossly enlarged base, it's neat - tapering crownshaft and canopy and it's slow growth have made it a most desirable palm for both landscape and interior displays. A dainty, neat palm, growing only to 12 feet, with a bottle-shape trunk which is widest at the base, tapering upwards to the neck.

The amazing swollen trunk is the eye catcher on this palm, but it also has other interesting characteristics that come and go as the palm matures from a seedling to a mature specimen. As a seedling, and through the Bottle Palm's juvenile period, the crownshaft and leaf petioles are an interesting red to orange color, eventually changing to the normal greyish green color as it matures.

As the palm ages, it starts to elongate more , the trunk swells, giving it the bottle shape. During this whole period the canopy gets larger with each successive growth until the leaves are 9 to 12 feet in length. Because this is a slow grower, it can take years for it to reach its mature height.

Bottle Palm is truly a tropical palm. It loves tropical heat and is very salt tolerant.




Height 6.00 feet [ approx ]

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